Congratulations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding!

In Christian marriage, a man and woman pledge to live as one in a permanent, exclusive, and mutually loving relationship. They form a new community (sometimes referred to as a 'domestic' church) that shows forth the love, equality, and hope of true followers of Jesus. Such a relationship is an ongoing and visible symbol to all people of:

    • God's continuing creative activity;
    • God's unconditional love for God's people; and
    • Jesus Christ's undying love relationship with the Church.

A Catholic wedding may take a number of different forms, either a:

    • Nuptial Mass, or
    • Wedding ceremony within a Liturgy of the Word.

A Catholic wedding must be witnessed by a priest or a deacon on behalf of the Church and under the requirements of the Marriage Act 1961, the legislation of the Commonwealth of Australia that regulates marriages in Australia.

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding in one of the churches of the Catholic Parishes of Dungog & Gresford, please read on.

First Step:

Before submitting your online enquiry using the form below, please download and read the information contained in the 'Marriage Information' document using the link below. This document contains pertinent information about weddings taking place in the Catholic Parishes of Dungog & Gresford.

You may wish to be aware of some of the information before contacting us.

Second Step:

Please complete the online enquiry form below. A member of the Parish staff will then be in touch to discuss your request.

Preparing for 'the big day'...

There are many things that need to be prepared in advance for the celebration of a wedding - and the most important is you!

The celebration of a wedding is just one day, one day that marks a life-long journey for the bride and groom. It is important to prepare for that journey, perhaps more so than to prepare for the day - though having a celebration that is entirely yours also requires a lot of work in advance!

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle offers a range of Marriage & Relationship Education options that can assist you to prepare for the life-long journey that is ahead, and while it is not compulsory to complete some form of pre-marriage education, it is highly recommended that you consider doing so.

More information about the opportunities offered by the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle can be found by clicking here.