Christian Initiation

is a journey into the love of God within the Church’s tender care (RCIA a.95).

It begins in response to God’s presence and prompting in the life of a person and takes place within the parish community, understood as 100% of Catholics.

The journey takes time and varies according to personal circumstance and the grace of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

The community of faith meets people where they are and accompanies them through opportunities to encounter the mystery of Christ in life, prayer, liturgy, scripture, and the life and mission of the parish community.

Encounters with Christ are the focus of reflection in search of what God is revealing and to discern its meaning for discipleship lived within the Catholic Tradition.

Christian Initiation is a journey marked by conversion, discerning readiness to celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation.

Those initiated continue to hold a place of honour and to be accompaniment particularly in the first year after Initiation.

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